Lavender Love { Timeless + Fragrant }

By The Celebration Team 03 Apr, 2013

Lavender Love { Timeless + Fragrant }

Enchanting, elegant, simple, sophisticated and feminine without being too feminine – these are just a few ways to describe the precious floral gem that is lavender. The scent, the colour and even the taste is enough to instantly create a French country ambience and set the scene for a morning, afternoon or night to remember.

When it comes to floral arrangements, you have the option of either combining the lavender with other purple pretties (for a full-on purple display with depth and dimension) or complementing the lovely lavender with soft touches of white, pink and blue. However there are few things as striking as a bunch of freshly picked lavender – play around with various containers like enamel mugs, wooden pails, glassware and what-not, to create the effect you're after. Alternatively use lavender saplings or plants to decorate the tables and encourage guests to pocket them after the wedding is over.

But wait! There's more!

  • Purchase a scented lavender room spray to further accentuate the fragrance of the lavender blossoms in the room.
  • Lavender is edible, so flavour your wedding cake and treats with this sweet flower or mix up a lavender punch or tea for the pre-drinks.
  • Thanks to the long stems, lavender can easily be woven or tied. Use this to your advantage and create lavender garlands, wreaths and hearts. To make matters simpler, use a wire shape as your framework.
  • Strip the tiny petals off the stem and use it as confetti. For a more chunky effect, cut the flower heads into portions.
  • Tie two or three lavender stems together with a little bow and pin it to the gents' lapels as boutonnieres.
  • If you're nifty with needle and thread, make mini lavender fragrance cushions as guest favours for your female guests. Alternatively make them in the shape of a heart and suspend them from the chandelier as added table decoration.
  • Incorporate the lavender design into your wedding stationery, linens and cake design. As a side note – try to keep all elements and secondary colours light to complement the dainty sophisticated nature of the flower.

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