Lotus Pods { Stark + Striking }

By The Celebration Team 04 Jun, 2015

Lotus Pods { Stark + Striking }

Often we get so fixated on the beauty of a fully blossomed flower that it’s easy to forget to really consider the raw untainted splendour of its pod. Take the lotus flower for instance – a symbol of fruitfulness and passion, the lotus flower is quite enchanting when in full bloom. However when you take a long look at the lotus pod, the interesting shape is really rather mesmerising in a whole different way.

Paired with lush and lovely open flowers, the lotus pod makes the perfect vase filler and creates a stunning contrast between soft femininity and stark lines. Think peonies, roses and ranunculi for the romantic soul or pair it with orchids or lilies for a more clean cut and modern arrangement.

While you can’t really fault the lotus pod in its natural form and colour, there’s no reason why you can’t grab a bottle of spray paint to give it a whole new look. The strong branch-like structure of the pod makes it the ideal base for a spray paint project, and when you think of it in gold for instance, it’s easy to see how the lotus pod can add a touch of contemporary glamour to your arrangements.

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