With its piercing black eye and delicate petals, it’s no surprise that the anemone has stolen the hearts of florists, brides and wedding planners alike. The name “anemone” was originally derived from a Greek word that means “windflower”, and are known for representing anticipation – very apt for the wedding day, we think!

According to ancient Greek mythology, the anemone erupted from the earth where Aphrodite’s tears fell as she mourned the death of Adonis, while other beliefs speak of magical fairies sleeping in between the closed anemone petals.

Today this precious flower is believed to bring good fortune and provide protection against evil. One particular old wives’ tale however states that, when an anemone closes its petals, it’s a sign that rain is approaching – perhaps worth bearing in mind during the week before your wedding!

Unfortunately anemones can become dehydrated very quickly, especially after they’ve been harvested, so pay careful attention to the following tips to make your flowers blossom to their full potential:

  • Once you’ve purchase the flowers, trim the stems as soon as possible to help unclog any blocked pores.
  • Cut the stems under running water or underwater and at an angle, as that allows the flower to draw more water through the stem.
  • On the day before the wedding, leave closed anemones in a warm room or in gentle sunlight for a few hours to help the blossoms flourish.

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