mini wedding bouquets

Just like less is more, smaller is often bigger! Mini bouquets can make a brilliant statement and put a lovely spin on the traditional skyscraper arrangements. As with all things small, they instantly steal one’s heart – whether you use them as table arrangements or give them to your guests as favours, these mini pretties are guaranteed to go down with a smile.

When choosing the flowers for your bouquets, you either have the option of filling the mini vase with a number of small and delicate flowers, or opting for one single bigger flower such as a rose, carnation or lily. Now, please try to contain your excitement when you see the following creative container ideas *wink:

  • Arrange freshly picked flowers in an assortment of vintage teacups or use the cups as mini pot plant holders for herbs or succulents.
  • Keep an eye out for ceramic or wooden egg cups and use these lovelies as mini vases.
  • Fold paper cones and fill them with all kinds of pretty blossoms.
  • Collect a variety of glass bottles, in all shapes and sizes, arrange your flowers inside and group the together on the tables.
  • Put Grandma’s old coloured tumblers and wine glasses to good use!
  • Create a striking centre piece by grouping differently shaped white ceramic vases together.
  • Plant succulents or dainty house flowers in mini terracotta pot plant holders.
  • Make a hole in a wine cork and pop a single flower or mini succulent inside.
  • Ask your mommy friends to help you collect baby food jars and use them as vases.
  • Collect old fashioned wooden cotton spindles and pop a flower in the hole. Make sure you use flowers or succulents that can last a day without water.
  • Instead of merely arranging the vases in a little group, tie them together with twine or place them on a cake stand or plate.

For more Mini Bouquet Ideas, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Mini Bouquest Pinterest Board!