Pomander balls originally consisted of various perfumes and herbs and were worn around the neck or wrist for medicinal purposes or to get rid of nasty odours. Today, they have evolved into pretty puffs of floral blooms that look quite ethereal in their beauty. These are fabulous for weddings because they combine the tradition of flowers with a new twist on the customary bouquet.

Pomander balls can be made using a variety of different flowers, or you could opt to keep them all the same type of bloom for a tighter, more formal arrangement. If you want to be more adventurous, replace some or all of the flowers with feathers, looped ribbons or plastic shapes (like stars or hearts). This will give this classic feature a funkier, more modern appeal.

If you want to make extensive use of pomander balls throughout your wedding to create a theme, be daring in how and where you place them. In addition to carrying them down the aisle in place of a traditional bouquet, you could hang them in the trees, dot them down the aisle and around the dance floor, float them on water features or lakes (if your venue allows), place them in the centre of each table, use them as fun photo props, and so on.

Check with your florist on how best to use the Pomander balls and whether the flower of your choice will be suitable for use as a Pomander ball.

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