Poppies are of course known for their historical connection to opium. However let’s mention straight off the bat that not all of the more than 200 poppy varieties contain opium, so you don’t have to shy away from using poppies for fear of upsetting your conservative aunt.

Generally speaking, poppies are associated with the two big concepts of life and death, symbolising everything from eternal sleep and sacrifice to magic, imagination and eternal life. In Chinese culture, the poppy is considered the flower of faith and loyalty – a gift between lovers and soulmates.

As with most flowers, the various colours also have unique meanings of their own. Red poppies are synonymous with pleasure and passion, as well as sacrifice and honour (dating back to wartimes). White poppies on the other hand are a symbol of dreams and aspiration, while yellow equates to success, prosper and wealth.

Poppies are relatively easy to grow in your own backyard and when shown the right care and attention, the blossoms will multiply at a rapid rate, just in time for the wedding day. Then again, even if you weren’t born with green fingers, the flowers themselves fall on the more affordable side of the florist’s pricing spectrum and can therefore be acquired by the truckload.

Due to the wide array of available colours and species, poppies are a stunning complement to any theme or colour scheme. We especially love the striking shape, colour and simplicity of the blossom and encourage you to use it as inspiration for your stationery and wedding cake designs.

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