Few flowers embody romantic simplicity quite like the beloved primrose, or as botanists like to call it, the primula vulgaris. Reminiscent of an English country garden, the primrose has a certain Pride & Prejudice air about it that makes it ideal for a classically themed wedding celebration. This delicately scented flower comes in a wide array of colours and species, all with varying stem lengths and petal densities, opening the door to endless design possibilities.

The name “primrose” is derived from the Latin word “prima” meaning “first”, as it is said that this striking flower is the first rose of the year or season. In ancient mythology it is stated that the primrose is the sacred flower of Freya, the Norse goddess of love, who laid first claim on the primrose as her symbol.

Traditionally, a primrose translates to “I can’t live without you” which seems highly fitting for an occasion as heartfelt as the wedding day. What’s more, when presented as a gift to that special person, a primrose sends the message that “I am yours forever”. This makes this English blossom the ultimate in romantic floral gifts as it is synonymous with enduring and never-ending love.

Another lesser-known primrose specie is the evening primrose – a strikingly simple yellow flower which is known for blossoming in summer and in the evenings. While not necessarily a practical go-to wedding flower, the evening primrose could provide a lovely surprise when the flowers start opening after sunset at an evening wedding.

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