Snap Dragons { Modern Femininity }

By The Celebration Team 30 Jun, 2015

Snap Dragons { Modern Femininity }

Snap dragons! The name alone is enough to get your groom’s instant approval when pondering the flower options for your special day. Also known as the antirrhinum, the snapdragon’s botanical name is derived from the Greek words “anti”, meaning like” and “rhin” meaning nose – quite an apt description when you consider its physical appearance when you squeeze a single flower.

Ancient legend has it that by concealing a snapdragon somewhere in your clothing, you’re made to appear more fascinating and intriguing to those you meet along your way. Symbolically speaking, the snapdragon is generally associated with graciousness and femininity.

While white is the more commonly found option, snapdragons are also available in red, pink, yellow, peach and even blue – to name only a few. We especially love the idea of combining various shades of a colour to create a striking ombre bouquet or floral arrangement.

Beyond the wide selection of colour choices, you also have the option of either dwarf or tall varieties, which can give added dimension to your respective bouquets and arrangements. For instance, a mere three or four tall snapdragons can make an elegantly feminine bouquet whereas a bunch of dwarf blossoms are more suited to a cute and pretty bridal look.

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