“Hup hup Holland!” The Dutch have brought us Delft, Windmills and ‘Stroopwafels’, but what we are most thankful for, are Tulips! Although Tulips do not have their origin in the Netherlands, the Dutch are responsible for the craze in the 1600’s known as Tulip Mania, when the world was first introduced to these magnificent flowers!

Tulips are great for weddings, as they can be used in any theme, whether it’s classy, modern and sophisticated or fun, casual and colourful. They are available in a range of colours, mostly white, pinks, yellows, purples and reds. And the other great thing about them, they are available year round! (Please note that some types are seasonal.)

Tulips look great arranged on their own and the key to creating the ‘wow’ factor is repetition. To create the same effect as the Tulip fields in Holland, use several containers throughout your venue, with bunches of Tulips in them. A fun way to display them is to leave their bulbs intact, best used in a glass vase.

Please note that Tulips keep on growing, even after they have been picked or removed from soil. So ensure that you leave some time on the day, to cut them a bit shorter if necessary.  And it is best to keep them cool as long as possible.

They are not particularly difficult to get hold of, but it is best to order them in advance, especially if you prefer a certain colour.

So, in the spirit of the Dutch, “Kunnen deze bloemen brengen vreugde op uw speciale dag!”