The Water Lily { Whimsical + Dreamy }

By The Celebration Team 22 Aug, 2014

The Water Lily { Whimsical + Dreamy }

The water lily, also commonly known as the “lotus”, can generally be found growing in ponds and lakes and along the outer edges of tranquil streams. Perhaps due to its affiliation with gently rippling waters, the water lily generally represents and evokes a sense of calm and peace – exactly what every bride needs on her wedding day.

Aside from the more commonly found white, the lotus also comes in varying shades of pink, blue and yellow to instantly add a pop of colour. While perhaps not the most commonly used wedding flower, the water lily certainly challenges one to push the boundaries and consider new opportunities with regards to flower arrangements – for instance, water lilies floating in tall glass vases in the centre of each table.

Symbolically speaking, the water lily has played a significant role in most cultures and religions around the world. This unusual floating blossom is often associated with beauty and purity, the reason being that, even though the plant grows in muddy terrain, the flower still remains exceptionally beautiful. Ancient Egyptians considered the louts a symbol of unity, rebirth and the cycle of life, not to mention enlightenment.

In oriental cultures on the other hand, the lotus is associated with life, passion and love and each coloured blossom has a meaning of its own: Red is recognised as “the lotus of the heart”, purple represents mystic power, white speaks of mental purity, and pink and blue are synonymous with knowledge. Today, the water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh, therefore making a regular appearance at many Eastern ceremonies and festivals.

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