wedding carnations

Carnations are one of those flower species that have been dotting the table since forever, and therefore have plenty of meaning and symbolism attached to it. Scientifically known as “dianthus caryophyllus”, carnation roughly translates to “flower of love”, “flower of the gods” or “heavenly flower” – so very apt for a day as special as your wedding day.

Loved for its ruffled appearance and distinctive sweet-smelling almost clove-like scent, there’s no guessing why the carnation is a wedding favourite. Thanks to the extended blooming period, these vintage pretties are available practically all year round, and with a number of colours to choose from, they fit in with any season or style of celebration. Before choosing your colours, you need to know the symbolism behind it:

  • White: Pure love / good luck / sweetness / loveliness/ innocence / devotion / a favourite bridal bouquet flower.
  • Red: Passion / admiration / hopeless romantic / deep love / “I can’t live without you!”
  • Pink: According to ancient lore, the first pink carnation sprung up where Mary’s tears fell when she mourned her son’s death. Synonymous with mothers / undying love / “I’ll always be there for you”.

Be wary of using the following colours:

  • Purple: Whimsical / changeable / unreliability / unpredictability / fickleness / capriciousness / funeral flower / condolences.
  • Yellow: Happiness but also disdain / rejection / disappointment
  • Striped: Regret / “I can’t be with you.”

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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