wedding-gerberas The gerbera, also known as the Barberton daisy, has been rated as the fifth most popular flower in the world, and there’s not much speculating as to why that is. This vibrant flower’s simple shape makes it a bold addition to any floral arrangement, and in many cases a single daisy can outweigh the charm of an entire bouquet of any other flower. Then again, when beautifully potted and tended to, the plant in itself makes for a stunning fuss-free centre piece or heartwarming guest favour. South African brides’ love affair with the gerbera dates back to 1884, when it was first discovered on the outskirts of Barberton, right here in our very own country. There are currently more than 30 known gerbera species available on the flower market, some more expensive than others – and then we haven’t even touched on the wide array of colours to pick and choose from! Symbolically speaking, the gerbera is an emblem of purity and innocence, while its almost dramatically simplistic shape makes it synonymous with cheerfulness, celebration and immense joy. According to those in the know, yellow gerberas say “I’ll try my hardest”, while orange Barbertons translate into “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”. Light pink gerberas are generally associated with admiration as well as sympathy, and are therefore an excellent gift for a friend who is going through a difficult time – not necessarily the message you want to send out on your big day, so make a mental note. Darker pink gerberas on other hand, are somewhat more wedding appropriate as they’re generally given as a token of gratitude and thanks. Original images and their credits available on Pinterest