Blue Bubbly { Pop the Cork }

By The Celebration Team 07 Mar, 2017

Blue Bubbly { Pop the Cork }

No, you’re not going crazy – you are in fact seeing blue bubbly right about now! Blue champagne is a brand new addition to our Shop, and boy – are we smitten! It’s time to rethink your “champagne game” and make a splash with something a little unexpected.

Blue champagne is beautifully complemented by other brightly coloured garnishes like fresh strawberries, slices of orange and even kiwi. For a more intense-looking drink, add fresh or frozen blueberries – not only will it add some fruity flavour, but the frozen berries will help keep the bubbly chilled and delicious. To really shake things up, serve a combination of blue champagne and rosé bubbly, or go all out and make blue champagne jello shots!

This eye-catching drink is ideal for any summer-style celebration, especially a beach themed celebration. To further up the “wow-factor”, try to keep your décor predominantly white and minimal so that the blue flutes become that much more eye-catching.

Blue champagne is here to stay! It’s fresh, it’s contemporary, it’s fun, and it’s unexpected – in fact, it’s everything you want your wedding day to be about. Visit our Shop for more information on what’s bound to be your new favourite beverage.

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