Once hubby-to-be has popped the question, it’s your turn to pop some questions of your own. Instead of typing up a quick text message, make your besties feel extra special with one of these ideas:

  • Surprise your bridesmaids with a piece of dainty personalised jewellery that they will wear on the day, like an engraved bracelet or bridesmaid brooch.
  • Play on the popular saying “to tie the knot” and include a silver knot ring or a simple piece of string in the note.
  • Have a beautiful personalised wine label printed with a note asking her to be part of your entourage.
  • Compile a bridesmaid kit, complete with emergency sewing set, lipstick, hangover tablets and other essential bits and bobs.
  • Have the big question printed on a balloon which she needs to blow up, or on a champagne bottle so you can literally “pop” the question.
  • Pack a something old, something new, something borrows and something blue in a little box, with a note saying that all that’s missing is “you”.
  • Make a list of all the annoying bridesmaid clichés that you promise to avoid if she says “yes” – vows, if you will. For example, no big poufy dresses or match-making antics.
  • Write your own definition of what a bridesmaid is, ensuring that you list all the qualities you treasure about the friend in question.
  • Have a special mug, pottery planter pot or wooden box made, printed with the question, “will you be my bridesmaid?” so that she can treasure it forever.
  • Make a big deal about it on social media! Post the announcement on Facebook or, if you’re convinced they’ll say yes, pop the question right there in the public eye.

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