Heart-Felt { Cheerful + Charming }

By The Celebration Team 18 Sep, 2013

Heart-Felt { Cheerful + Charming }

Soft to the touch and loved by all, just like the stunning bride! What we love about felt is its personal handmade appeal – no matter what you make or what you do with it, it always seems to convey a heartfelt message of caring.

While you could use clear glue to turn the felt into something special, be careful not to spill a drop of glue on other areas of the felt as it’s virtually impossible to remove. Alternatively, stitch it up with a classic blanket stitch to give it that imperfectly perfect homemade charm. Because it’s so easy to do, you can easily take it a step further and stitch or embroider a message or monogram directly onto the felt using needle and embroidery thread.

The fabulous thing about felt is that it can be used for pretty much anything – here are some velvety examples:

  • Add touches of felt to the various outfits to give it that homemade feel – a felt brooch instead of a boutonniere for the boys and a small felt and button brooch for the girls should do the trick.
  • Make your very own felt and button flowers for the bridal bouquet, hair accessories, decorative floral strings or table arrangements.
  • Craft cute little stuffed shapes or figurines out of felt which can then be used as cake toppers, table or chair decorations and (potpourri stuffed) guest favours. Alternatively brand each felt shape with a guest’s name and use it as place setting/favour.
  • Make a felt ring cushion for the ring bearer, make bunting for the wedding venue or personalise your napkins with felt rings.

Original images and credits can be found on Pinterest