Let’s De-car-ate { Number Plates }

By The Celebration Team 07 Sep, 2015

Let’s De-car-ate { Number Plates }

When the wedding car comes careening down the road, it’s important that everyone knows: Here comes the bride! Aside from the balloons, flowers and other vehicle decoration you might be considering, a wedding number plate is the ideal way to truly personalise the little love mobile.

For starters, you can of course brand the plate with your initials, or make the most of your new “titles” with a cute little “Mr & Mrs” print. Then again, why not make the most of your chosen day by having the date printed on the number plate.

While perhaps a little less personal than your initials, a cute little “Love” or “Forever” license plate is just as meaningful, while a “Just Married” plate will certainly tell the world what’s happening on this special day.

Over and above the wedding car, you can extend the number plate theme to the actual reception. For instance, create paper “number plates” with each guest’s name on it and use these as place settings, or place a number plate on each table as a unique table number. Furthermore, you can also use customised number plates to indicated key areas like bathrooms, bar, reception area and smoking spot.

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Please note:

  • The number plates being quoted for are physical number plates and not stickers. They can be used after your wedding day on a door, on your wall or in your car.
  • They come in sets of 2.


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