Tray-mendous! { Alternative Guestbook }

By The Celebration Team 23 Aug, 2017

Tray-mendous! { Alternative Guestbook }

Breakfast in bed every morning – isn’t that what marriage is all about? Of course we joke, but a beautiful tray is an essential item that every newlywed couple can put to good use. So imagine enjoying a cup of coffee while reading blessings and well wishes from all your wedding guests?

A guestbook tray is a stunning alternative to a traditional guest book – it’s easy to assemble and serves a practical purpose. There are many ways to go about making the tray, and it all comes down to the style of your wedding.

For starters, you can choose a simple blank tray and ask your guests to write directly on the tray or carve their messages into the soft wood. After the wedding, you can have the tray varnished or covered in a veneer coating to preserve the warm wishes.

Another option is to ask guests to write their messages on little tiles, which you can then slot into the base of a tray, almost like a puzzle. You can then cover it with a Perspex or glass cover so that the messages are visible. Alternatively use mosaic tiles which you can then use to make a tray or coffee table even.

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