Sand Brushes { Practically Perfect }

By The Celebration Team 22 Oct, 2014

Sand Brushes { Practically Perfect }

Beach weddings are romantic, whimsical, fairytale-like and all the rest, but if there's one down side, your guests are most likely to vote: Sand. Even on the most windless of days, beach sand has a habit of getting in everywhere – between the toes, on the legs, on the face, on the tables – so to make your guests' experience that much more pleasant, why consider and reconsider the humble paint brush.

In this case known as “sand brushes”,  these simple tools add a touch charm to the event while also being practical in every sense. What's more – to make it a little more interactive – you can have a variety of shapes and sizes for guests to choose from, with larger paint brushes available from hardware stores and smaller craft brushes from art and stationery shops.

Wedding brushes are especially recommended if both you and hubby-to-be are art or culture lovers, as it reflects a little bit of your unique interests and personalities. Afterwards, your artistic guests can take the brushes home and add it to their current brush collection – a lovely personal guest favour, if ever there was one.

To make them seem more like wedding brushes rather than your standard store bought paint brushes, have the wooden handles engraved with your personal wedding monogramme,wedding date or names. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the paint brush or decorate the handle with colourful insulation tape and rhinestones to match your colour scheme.

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