Hands disclose revealing clues about the person that sports them. Rough pads with grazed knuckles should be reserved for prepubescent boys, though, while you (as the bride-to-be) should enjoy the luxury of soft, pretty hands for the big day. Remember that, with your wedding ring on, everyone will likely be admiring your hands, and your wedding photographer is sure to want some close-up shots of your intertwined fingers. In addition, you will be shaking hands with friends, holding hands with your new spouse and generally being quite touchy with the wonderful people who choose to share this special occasion with you.

It is wise to get a formal manicure for your wedding day, just to add those final finishing touches to your hands and nails. However, the preparation process should start weeks before this.

Begin by implementing a weekly care routine for your hands and nails. This is a simple and quick one:

  • Remove any nail polish.
  • File your nails in one direction (not back and forth) to neaten them up and to ensure that they are all one length.
  • Wash your hands in warm water with soap.
  • Soak your hands in a mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar (which helps to get rid of dead skin cells) for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Massage ordinary olive oil (or any other cold-pressed oil) into your cuticles while your hands are still wet. Once they are soft and moisturised, push them back very gently.
  • Pat your hands dry on a soft towel.
  • With the soft side of a filing block, smooth out any ridges on your nails. Finish it off with a buffing chamois so that your nails are shiny.
  • Use a rich hand and nail cream to lock all of that moisture in

Once a month, you may want to go for a special moisturising treatment along with a manicure. Paraffin waxes are excellent for moisturising and softening the skin of both your hands and feet. This involves dipping the hands into melted paraffin wax. Although the wax is heated, it is not hot enough to burn, but the heat facilitates the absorption of the oils and minerals. Usually, the wax will be infused with oils and other substances that help in healing and nourishing the hands and feet. A number of coats are applied so that the heat is retained for longer. Then, the hand or foot is wrapped in aluminium foil or plastic and left until the wax has cooled and hardened. It will then be removed.

The day before your wedding day is the best day on which to get your nails done so that they are as fresh and beautiful as possible. If you do not want false tips (whether gel or acrylic), perhaps consider an overlay onto your natural nails, just to ensure that they do not snap or tear on your big day. Choose a colour that you will not regret years down the line, steering clear of outlandish fashion trends.

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