Popup Invitations { Interactive + Quirky }

By The Celebration Team 09 Apr, 2015

Popup Invitations { Interactive + Quirky }

Remember the joy and intrigue you felt when you first opened a popup book as a child? Well, that’s exactly the type of happiness that’s captured in a popup wedding invitation.

No matter what your theme, including a popup element in the guest invitations is a lovely little surprise and is guaranteed to intrigue guests to the point of ticking the “attending” box. Thanks to laser cutting services, creating pop-up cards is now easier than ever – simply find the design you want, brief it in and voila!

A couple of tips and tricks to bear in mind when making or commissioning your wedding invitations:

  • Choose a paper that’s heavy and thick enough so that the popups won’t droop.
  • On the flip side, the paper must also not be too thick as your popups won’t be able to stand up right.
  • Be sure to connect the back of the popups to the card behind it using pieces of paper of the same length as supports. This will keep your card sturdy.
  • Keep it simple – a single popup element is just as much of a surprise to your guests as a full display. And consider the cost!
  • Study a number of popup books closely and if possible, get a copy of that you can take apart so you can see the mechanics.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest