Wedding Scrolls

By The Celebration Team 08 Nov, 2013

Wedding Scrolls

Scrolls are a great addition to your medieval wedding. However, they are also effective simply as a feature of your special day, creating a theme of their own. Weddings ordinarily require a fair number of printed items; ranging from Save-a-Dates and wedding invitations, through to menus, programmes, table seating plans and ‘thank you’ notes.

If you want to go for an old-fashioned charm for your wedding day, singe the edges of the scroll and stain the dry paper with cold, used teabags. For a more modern look, stick to coloured paper or a crisp, clean white paper.

To keep your scrolls in their rolled forms, you can use a wax seal (available from most craft stores), tie them with ribbons in your wedding colour(s), or use coloured rubber bands for a more retro look.

Use scrolls in the following ways at your scroll-themed wedding:

  • Have scroll invitations hand-delivered to your invitees for an old world charm.
  • Place rustic buckets containing your scrolled programmes at the entrance of the wedding ceremony venue.
  • Ask that all speakers (the best man, father of the bride, and so on), make their notes on scrolls instead of reading them off other pieces of paper.
  • Fashion your wedding cake as a giant scroll, or as many smaller scrolls with personal messages iced onto them.

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