Deciding whether or not to wear a bra on your wedding day depends on several factors:

  • The size of your breasts
  • The style of your dress
  • The fabric out of which your dress is made
  • Your personal comfort level

If your wedding dress has a tight fitting, firm bodice, reinforced with boning, you will have quite a bit more freedom in deciding whether or not to don a bra. These types of dresses are usually quite effective in holding your breasts firmly in place and giving you a sexy cleavage. However, if you have very small boobs (probably to the chagrin of your buxom peers), you may decide that a bra is imperative in order to make them look larger, closer together and more rounded. Keep in mind, though, that a flatter chest allows the maximum amount of flexibility when choosing a dress style.

To get the best look and feel, lace the dress up three-quarters of the way and then bend forward. Move your boobs so that they are together, and close to the top of the dress. While holding them in position, lace the dress up the remainder of the way and they will stay in this flattering position.

If you are wearing a looser dress or one made out of satin or a similarly clingy and revealing fabric, it is important that your breasts look perky, but without the telling lines of a bra. A t-shirt bra is specifically designed to appear sheer under a revealing fabric. Alternatively, you may request that a professional dress-maker inserts supportive cups on the inside of your gown (if appropriate). Another option is to wear a backless bra or bra cups as these are usually sheer, without lacy detail, and supportive (if not all that attractive).

Large breasts may require extra support in the form of a bra or a corset. Consult with your dress-maker as he or she is likely to be able to suggest something effective and discreet. If necessary, a bra with transparent shoulder straps can be worn, as these straps are very effective in their support, but not often noticeable. There are even some stores that stock bras with transparent back-straps, making it even more flexible for dresses with low backs.

If you feel that wearing a bra is a must, there are some innovative and convenient options:

  • Low-backed bra – this bra’s back-strap dips down to the waist so that an open dress does not reveal it. It is as supportive as a regular bar.
  • Bra cups – these can be sown onto the inner lining of your dress or worn separately. They usually have a silicon lining or strip so that they can stick to your flesh without slipping down.
  • Modesty piece – this is a flap of material or lace inside the corset, which is designed to keep the dress a little more modest. It can be in the front to hide excessive cleavage, or the back, to hide bra straps.

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