Even the most beautiful wedding gown can be spoiled by wearing the wrong kind of underwear with it. But, by wearing the right underwear, your wedding dress can be enhanced and complimented exponentially. Therefore, purchase your underwear before going for the first fitting of your dress and ensure that it works together with the dress to make you look your best. Your bra is the main piece of underwear that will influence how your body looks and how your dress fits. It supports your bust, no matter how big or small. It also adds shape and fullness to smaller busts and contains larger busts effectively. Some dresses are made so that they do not need a bra. When trying on bras, make sure that they are comfortable enough to dance in, sit in and walk around in. You will be wearing it all evening while posing for photographs and being in the limelight. You have to feel comfortable at all times.

Panties need to be comfortable and the right size. Do not go for a sexy look in this case. There is nothing worse than feeling a pinch or the need to pull your panties up while standing at the altar in front of peering eyes. If your dress is fitting and made of a sheer material, consider not wearing panties at all but simply wearing a pair of pantyhose. This will eliminate the problem of unsightly panty-lines. Alternatively, there are thongs available that are made of light, flesh-coloured material in the front and a clear plastic “thong” at the back.

Because we want to look our best on our wedding day, brides may opt for a girdle or some other slimming garment beneath their dress. Items made out of Spandex or Lycra are best as they manage to hold all the lumps and bumps into one firm, slinky mould.

Your pantyhose should not squash you in your waist or on your “love handles”. They need to fit perfectly so that there is no roll above the line of the item that is visible through your dress.

Honeymoon underwear, on the other hand, is a completely different kettle of fish. This lingerie needs to make you feel sexy and beautiful and, for this, needs to be flattering in its own right, and not merely under another comfy garment. As the bride, you should first decide on the look, feel and ambiance you want to set with any given piece of lingerie. Do you want it to be romantic, classic, flattering, naughty or sexy? Are you willing to experiment with role-playing for this event? Depending on what you decide, your lingerie could range from a classic matching two-piece to sequinned nipple caps or a nurse’s outfit. When visiting stores that stock such lingerie, try on a variety of options. Only settle for pieces that make you feel confident, though. If you do not feel comfortable in the outfit, you will not relax and enjoy yourself.

Choosing the wedding and honeymoon lingerie should be a fun experience amidst the stress of wedding planning. Take along a trusted friend that will give you her honest opinion and do your best to enjoy the adventure.

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