Bedouin Tents Make The Perfect Wedding Tent

By The Celebration Team 10 Oct, 2013

Bedouin Tents Make The Perfect Wedding Tent

Have you ever been to a wedding where everybody who walked in said “wow, where did you get that tent?” We have and every time it was at a wedding that was using a Bedouin tent manufactured by Tentickle tents in Cape Town.

Tentickle tents are made out of hi-tech stretch fabric and can be customized to cover almost any size wedding. In fact, these stretch fabric Bedouin tents are so versatile that they are often used to create shading at massive outdoor parties and special events.

More than just a wedding tent!

Thanks to their experience in manufacturing, renting and selling stretch fabric Bedouin tents, Tentickle have been able to expand their successful stretch fabric business into the tent decor arena. This means that they will not only help you choose the right tent for you special day, but will also provide you with designer stretch fabric decor that will enhance the interior of your wedding tent even further.

To rent or buy, the choice is yours!

Tentickle has a range of wedding tent options that will enable you to purchase or rent your wedding tent. Generally it is only the wedding coordination companies that buy a tent, but there have also been a few individuals who enjoyed their Tentickle wedding tent so much, that they decided to purchase it for themselves and use the tent again and again at their home.

Tentickle is there for you on your special day

All Tentickle wedding tents are delivered and pitched by specially trained and experienced staff. We can also arrange that they remain on hand during the course of the wedding to assist whenever required. Even if you choose to purchase your own wedding tent we can either train your team to pitch the tent themselves, or provide one of our own teams to help you whenever you need it.