Bachelor Parties and Hen Parties

By The Celebration Team 08 Jul, 2007

Bachelor Parties and Hen Parties

One of your friends getting married and you have been taken on the task of organizing their so-called "last party as a single person"?

Right, then here are some basic tips on what do to:

  • Speak to the bride-to-be / groom-to-be about what kind of a party they want - you want the person you are organising the party for to enjoy themselves and "want" to be at the party, so consulting them first is definitely important. They certainly don't need to know what you're planning and where everything is going to take place, but consult them to ensure they will be comfortable when the party begins!
  • Don't leave the planning to the last minute - this will land up with you being stressed out and potentially resulting in the party not being pulled off quite as you would have liked.
  • Don't leave out the "oldies" - mums, dads, aunties, uncles, etc are often just as keen for a party as the "youngsters", so if you are planning a "wild" party, consider having something a little tamer before hand such as a kitchen tea (for the ladies) and a dinner out or a pub lunch (for the men)
  • Discuss and collect the monies before hand - if you are planning something that could possibly be pricey make sure everyone invited is aware of the costs involved. And, make sure to collect all required monies before party time to ensure you're prepared and there's no hold up when you need to pay.

There are so many ideas one can do for both the ladies and guys, so make sure to keep an eye on our Hen Parties category for more ideas on what you can do for your night

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