Share in the excitement, become a wedding planner!

Many women have dreamed of living out their creativity by planning magical events like lavish weddings, galas and intimate get-togethers. Much of the attraction lies in being part of the drama, romance and excitement that is involved in creating memorable occasions that will be cherished for years to come.

Wedding planning is where work and play collide. If you love organising, problem solving, working with people and doing something a little different every day, wedding planning may be the career for you. It’s also an excellent industry to start your own business in – most wedding planners are individuals who manage events on their own or in small teams, and there are no special qualifications or business requirements that need to be met. However, most successful business owners agree that a thorough understanding of the industry is the key to success.

Knowing the expectations, requirements and unwritten rules of the events industry will not only save you time and money, but also give you the confidence to compete with more experienced wedding planners.  Doing a short course in event management will teach you the fundamentals of developing and managing weddings and other events.

At this point, you should also do a lot of research on the events industry in your region or specialisation. Make sure that there is sufficient demand for your services before you launch your business. Also see if there are any gaps in the market – your research might give you great ideas, like marketing to a specific price bracket, or planning events in an up-and-coming area.

Once you have completed the groundwork, you can go through the formalities of registering your business, start to market yourself and live your dream of turning the fairytale fantasies of many a bride into a reality.

To learn more, consider the part-time University of Cape Town Events Management short course, presented online from 12 March 2012 throughout South Africa. Call Amy-Jane on 021 447 7565 or visit for more information.


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