When it comes to rustic elegance, there are few elements that hits the mark quite like burlap or Hessian. This unique woven fabric has quite an organic nature about it and works splendidly in terms of wedding themes such as country or farm style, vintage and eco-friendly.

While it works just wonderfully on its own, we love the combination of softer fabrics such as lace, chiffon and crochetted elements with the rough textured burlap. Other elements that seem to naturally complement the fabric include unprocessed wood, wheat ears, twigs, hay bales, rusted elements, succulents and freshly picked flowers.

Probably one of the key characteristics of burlap is its incredibly loose weave and by simply stripping a thread or two all along the edges of the fabric, you can create a soft, natural and unravelled look as opposed to a more scissor-cut border. Now let’s look at a couple of rough ideas for using this rough fabric:

  • Drape your tables with white or cream table cloths with burlap table runners to create that lovely rustic chic contrast.
  • Wrap the base of your bridal bouquet in Hessian and make your own theme appropriate floral vases by wrapping coffee cans or jars in burlap.
  • Make burlap rosettes and use them as cake decorations, wrist corsages and chair detail.
  • Sew simple burlap bags and fill them either with confetti or guest favours such as home made candy.
  • Alternatively wrap the lids of jam jars with burlap rounds and elastic bands for a real rustic and home made guest favour.
  • Incorporate small burlap accents into your wedding stationery designs. You can even go as far as printing on the actual burlap and rolling it up – inquire at your local printing shop.
  • Drape the walls in burlap curtains or cover hay bales with this unique fabric to serve as country-style seating.

For the original photos from above as well as the credits AND more Boho wedding ideas, make sure to check out our Boho Wedding Theme Pinterest board!


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