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Bouquet Choices


The many aspects of a bride’s wedding day are a combination of the hopes and dreams she has fostered since her childhood, financial restraints and modern availabilities. When organising your big day, you will be presented with choice after choice, sample after sample. Do not allow yourself to become flustered with the ranges; rather, use them as a platform from which to express yourself and create the perfect day for you and your groom. When it comes to your bouquet, you have a wide variety of styles from which to choose. Considering the range beforehand is likely to save you time and money when you are ready to order rather than having to sift through the options in the shop or at the planner’s office. The types of flower you have chosen for your wedding day, as well as the shape and style of your dress both play an important part of deciding what bouquet style suits you.

The ROUND bouquet is a classic, and certainly one of the most popular. It is suitable for any style of wedding, and can accommodate most types of blooms. The only time this bouquet is not recommended is on a short, stocky bride, as it tends to make her look as round as her bouquet. Use the biggest and most prominent type of flower for the centre of the bouquet and then encircle it with the other types. The POSY is just a much smaller variation of the round bouquet. It is romantic, sweet and traditional, perfect for roses.

The CASCADE bouquet falls, as its name implies, over the bride’s hands. This is elegant, and compliments tall brides in simple dresses as it is, in itself, detailed. Although these magnificent arrangements are ideal for formal settings, a cascade bouquet also suits a more casual event.

A less formal wedding, such as a beach wedding, calls for a very different type of flower arrangement. A beautiful collection of flowers HAND-TIED with a quality ribbon or wire creates a personalised bouquet with a unique signature. It also allows greater freedom in terms of the style and colour of the dress as this arrangement can be as big or small as you like, with whatever flowers you prefer.

The NOSEGAY bouquet is not usually known by name, but is a popular choice. This arrangement is a small combination of one or more exquisite flowers mounted on a metal or glass holder that is cone-shaped. The more modern brides have done away with the glass / metal holder and replaced it with satin, organza or tulle.

The BIEDERMEIER bouquet is a tight, round arrangements made of two or more different colours. The outer ring is made up of one colour, while the inner circles of flowers are of the other hue(s). Traditional bouquets even included the rinds of citrus fruits to enhance the smell of the flowers.

A modern wedding calls for a PRESENTATION bouquet, best described as being of the same style as those presented to actresses. This bouquet is long and flat, and lies elegantly on the arm of the bride. This option allows for more flowers to be included in the bouquet, as well as for a wider variety of stems. Some brides create an even more dramatic arrangement by ensuring that both ends of the bouquet are headed by flowers.

For brides with no budgetary constraints, the COMPOSITE-FLOWER bouquet is stunning and innovative. This option uses petals from a variety of different blooms and wires them together individually to form a round posy of different colours and textures. This looks like one big flower with hundreds of different kinds of petals.

For something classic and very different, the FAN bouquet is a lacy fan with a spray of flowers along the top. This romantic display creates a nostalgic feel with a distinctly Victorian air.

A KISSING BALL is also known as a Pomander bouquet and is basically a ball of flowers arranged tightly, hanging on a ribbon. This ribbon is looped so that the bride or members of her entourage can hold them in front of themselves, letting them hang at their knees. This can also be done with a WREATH of flowers, rather than a ball. These are fantastic options for classic, Celtic or second weddings as they are traditional in appearance, understated while still being innovative.

Brides who prefer a less obvious bouquet, or who need their hands free for whatever reason, may consider a WRIST CORSAGE. This allows you to have a colourful spray of petals without the hassle of having to carry a bulky arrangement.

A SCEPTER bouquet is a dramatic and modern option and is best created using a lot of heavier green stems and leaves. As its name implies, this bouquet looks like a scepter or wand, and is a great way of ensuring that the wedding décor does not become overly girly.

These are only a few examples of what bouquets and arrangements are available to the modern bride. These are sure to suit any theme or style of wedding, and the taste of any bride. The most important determining factor needs to be the personal taste and desires of the bridal couple, rather than worrying about what is expected of them. This will ensure that your day is as special and unique as you need it to be and that you enjoy it to the utmost.

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