Planning your wedding can explode into mammoth proportions, causing all sorts of stresses and anxieties. These can mount until you feel quite overwhelmed, which is seldom the right frame of mind in which to try and enjoy your big day. To ease the stress of pre-wedding madness, try the following tips:

  • Just forget it – try to set aside a week or weekend during which you are not allowed to mention the wedding. It is important that you do this with your fiancé. Soon enough, you will begin to relax, becoming the people you were before that ring slipped onto that all-important finger. Have fun, be adventurous, pay attention to one another and just free your mind and body of wedding-oriented concerns. Do not take any calls from service-providers like caterers or decorators either, as this will only put you back in square one, as it were.
  • That’s what friends are for – while planning your wedding, it is easy to begin to neglect those that have always meant the most to you; filling any spare time, thoughts and energy on seating plans and menu options. So, when you need to get away from bridal talk, be sure to spend some time just enjoying the company of good friends. Show your concern for them and what has been happening in their lives while you have been otherwise occupied. A night out with the girls or boys will be just the tonic you need to get back on track.
  • Burn it off – there are fewer more effective stress relievers than the endorphins released during an intensive session at the gym or a rugby game with good mates. Make it a regular part of your routine to burn kilojoules and decrease anxiety.
  • Just chill – rediscover what it is to waste time amidst an otherwise chaotic lifestyle. Hire 10 DVD’s, commit to reading an entire novel in a day or two or spend the day doing crosswords. Whatever it takes for you to take your mind off anything mildly constructive or demanding, just do it. Just be sure that the novels, music and movies that you choose are not wedding-related, sad or traumatic. Stick to light-hearted humour and fun.
  • Get romantic – rekindle those butterflies that may have dwindled under the pressure by going on a good, old-fashioned date together. Dress up, preen and pamper yourself in anticipation. Talk about your life ambitions, your college days or the time your dad came home dressed as a giant toadstool – whatever will keep both of your minds off of the wedding for one night.
  • Adrenalin junkies unite – do something wild as a couple. Whether this is bungee jumping, abseiling, parachuting or walking barefoot over hot coals, challenge one another to exceed your own expectations. This will put the wedding day into perspective and teach you about your own resilience, determination and ability to succeed. Of course, it will also get your adrenalin pumping, which will make walking down the aisle feel like a breeze! This will give you two something very special to remember for years to come.

While your wedding may be (and probably is) the most important event and decision of your life to date, it is important to remember that no wedding is worth sacrificing a relationship over. It is of vital importance that, as a couple, you maintain focus on what is important and that you give one another the respect, attention and affection needed. By taking a “time out” every now and then, you will be able to fulfil this responsibility and feel revitalised and refreshed.

Photo Credit: afreshgroup.com


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