Group Weddings - Can You Share?

By The Celebration Team 18 Jul, 2011

Group Weddings - Can You Share?

Few brides dream of sharing their special wedding day with one or more other couples. The vast majority of women (and couples) want theirs to be a unique wedding celebration, iconic of the love that they share and the commitment that they are making for their future together.

When referring to a group wedding, one could be referring to one that is between just two couples, or one of up to hundreds of couples (which is usually held as a massive media event or marketing initiative). If just two couples want to share their day, they are usually close friends or relatives.

There are, despite many doubts, several advantages to sharing your wedding day, which couples should consider before dismissing the idea completely.

These include:

  • The Opportunity to Share Your Special Day with Exceptional Friends or Family Members
  • To be able to get married alongside your sibling or best friend can be a very special, unique and memorable experience for both of you. As you begin a new part of your personal lives together, you are sure to create an extraordinary bond that will last a lifetime.

A Major Cash Saving

Your wedding is a major expense, particularly if you are dreaming of a grand event with lots of guests. Splashing out seems worthwhile at the time, but is sometimes followed by a sense of regret at having spent your savings on a few hours of fun. If you opt for a shared wedding, you automatically enter into a shared finances arrangement. You can have more for less. Although your guest numbers and wedding venue capacity are probably going to have to double, you will find that the prices are not directly proportional. Many service providers charge a basic fee and then add a far smaller percentage on as the number of people increases. If you are able to save money on your wedding day, this translates to extra money for your honeymoon or your new home.

Sheer Convenience

You and the couple with whom you may share your wedding day are likely to know many of the same people. This means that sharing your wedding day is actually much easier and more cost-effective for your wedding guests, particularly those that need to travel, find nearby accommodation and make special arrangements to share this big day with you.

Something that most people between the ages of about 25 and 35 years experience is that many of their friends tend to get married at the same time as one another. This means that they are having to spend money on travelling, gifts and outfits on a fairly regular basis. By sharing your wedding day with another couple, your friends can enjoy a bigger celebration for less.

It’s Just Different

Although special and magical, most weddings are somewhat predictable. This does not detract from the significance of the affair, but can make them slightly less memorable in the long run. For a really different spin on your big day, a group wedding is sure to make a lasting impression. Friends will be talking about this wedding for years to come.

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