Oh my, oh my, we just LOVE mosaics. There is something so magical and intriguing about this art form. While mosaics are usually confined to décor and art, there is no reason that you cannot incorporate them into a unique and very beautiful wedding theme. Remember that, whatever you choose for your special day, it is a reflection and celebration of the two of you and the love that you share, so there are no limits as to how creative you get.

Here are just a few of our ideas, but you should be as innovative as you like:

  • Create a mosaic look on your wedding dress with the clever use of reflective beading and mirror discs. Keep these silver and white to tone it down, or choose vibrant colours, if you prefer.
  • Create a mosaic of a photograph of the two of you. This can be used on your invitations or your guest favours.
  • Give each guest a mosaic art starter kit as a favour or invite a tutor to your reception to teach them the basics of this art form for added entertainment.
  • Your wedding cake is the ideal ‘canvas’ for mosaic art. Find a picture or design that you like and have it created on your cake. Be ready for colour and texture that is simply inspirational.
  • Choose vases, placemats, table runners and crockery with colourful mosaics on them to carry the theme through your décor.
  • A mosaic design is even effective when printed on paper, so use this for your invitations and ‘thank you’ notes.

Credit: Maypole Studios Blog

Credit: Vibrant Bride, Wedding By Color

Credit: Project Wedding

Credit: Emma Bling Shop on Esty

Credit: My Wedding Favors Etc

Credit: Gourmet Invitations

Credit: Brides.com

Credit: Flickr, Momental Designs

Credit: LostPemberlyDesigns on Etsy

Main Photo Credit: Julien Photography


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