This shimmery translucent fabric has been around for decades and, as a result, has become somewhat overlooked and underrated. The fact remains that organza is a “staple fabric” and it’s time to relook and reinvent this baby – there are so many possibilities and opportunities in terms of décor and attire, so let’s take a closer look:

  • We absolutely adore shimmery organza covered accessories like clutches and shoes, as these add an elegant and simple touch of glam to even the most traditional look.
  • For a bolder, more contemporary bridal look, zhoosh up your ensemble with bold organza bow around the waist, an organza shoulder wrap or petite gloves.
  • Use organza flowers to perk up an all-natural floral bridal bouquet, as cake decoration, hair fascinator or to decorate the chair backs.
  • Even the simplest guest favour looks ten times fancier when packed in a little organza pouch.  These are available from most craft stores in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Adorn the guest tables with organza table runners and decorate the chairs by wrapping lengths of organza around the backs.
  • Wrap organza ribbons around the candles and napkins for quick table decorations that match your colour scheme.
  • Organza is easy to incorporate into your stationery elements – all you need a simple organza bow or ribbon down the side of the card and you’re good to go! TIP: When sticking ribbon on paper, use sheer double sided tape instead of glue as this will keep the ribbon in shape.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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