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Pre Wedding Stress and Post Day Blues


Is going to be a big factor in the lives of the prospective bride and groom – close relatives (mother in laws extended family) and friends. Stress is sometimes mistaken for excitement or pre-wedding nerves.

Its well know that some of the following things are signs of Stress:

  • Little more irritable that usual
  • Increase in coffee/chocolate/ cigarettes or other stimulants
  • Battling to wake up in the mornings
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • No time to relax /not cooking proper meals / or skipping meals
  • Frequently feeling sick / more aches and pain than usual
  • Weight gain

Exercise is well know method of combating Stress It’s the key to unbundling the issue. Every-one gets so wrapped up with the up and coming event that there is usually no other topic of conversation.

Because of this, after the wedding there is then a void in a number of people’s lives this is usually referred to as Post Wedding Blues.

Here are a few things to consider in order to stop this happening to you:

  • Get in to a regular gentle exercise program that includes walking /cycling etc., 3 times per week
  • Make sure you have 3 good meals a day
  • Avoid crash dieting – skipping meals – exercising like crazy in the hope of doing a quick fix body re shaping story.
  • Plan relaxation time – none wedding day talking time

Health and fitness should be a major factor BEFORE and AFTER the wedding day.

Goal setting for the future in these areas is a lifetime good investment.

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