The idea of an outdoor wedding might be oh so romantic, but the reality isn’t always that whimsical once Mother Nature’s harsh elements come into play. A relief station is therefore a cute yet necessary addition to the wedding day checklist – here are a couple of relief options you might want to consider:

  • Fans are always a hit during summertime – whether it’s stylish lace fans, oriental bamboo or simple paper folded fans.
  • Always have hand sanitiser and wet wipes close at hand for guests to freshen up with before digging into platters of finger food.
  • If you’re tying the knot out in the veld, a bug spray station is highly recommended.
  • Few things can ruin a good time like a headache or sore throat from all the talking, so have a couple of remedies at hand.
  • Set up a station with suntan lotion so guests won’t get burned in the harsh African sunlight.
  • Give each guest a spray bottle filled with water and lavender or cucumber to cool themselves with a light fragrant mist.
  • Tissues are an absolute must, not just to relieve guests of tears of joy but also to wipe away sniffles and sweat beads.
  • There’s nothing worse than dry cracked hands and the elements will do that to you! So have handy little moisturizer dispensers in the bathrooms for guests to freshen up with.
  • In winter time, make sure you have blankets and even scarves or pashminas for guests to warm themselves with.

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