unity ceremonies

Modern brides and grooms just love the new trend of having unity sand or unity candles to symbolise their new life as one. And anything that the brides and grooms love is good enough for us! Here’s how it works:

Unity Sand

Three glass vases are set before the guests at the ceremony. One will contain a certain coloured sand (representing the bride), the other will have a different coloured sand (representing the groom) and one larger will be empty. The empty vase should stand between the other two. The groom begins by pouring a portion of his sand into the empty vase and levelling it. Then, the bride will pour a similar amount of her sand on top of his, creating a layered effect. They will either continue to layer it, or will pour the rest of both the colours in at the same time.

The individual colours of the bride and groom represent their lives when they were single and independent. The layers or mixed sand indicates that they are now one – it would be virtually impossible to separate those sands into their individual colours again.

Unity Candles

With very much the same objective as the unity sand, unity candles represent a movement from separate lives into one joined life. The bride and groom each have their own lit candle, each of which stands alongside one larger, unlit candle in the centre. Then, they light the centre candle with both of theirs at the same time. The lit centre candle now represents their new status as one.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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