Wedding Stones

Melt even a heart of stone with some of the sweet pebble ideas we’ve put together. Pebbles and stones are easy to find, easy to personalise and give your special day a funky touch. They are especially suitable for a garden or beach wedding, as they fit in perfectly with the gorgeous ambience set by the outdoors.

Here are some of our ideas – feel free to make them uniquely yours:

  • Engrave or paint a personal message to your guests on smooth pebbles and give this to them as guest favours.
  • Ensure a fun photo shoot by using stones as photo props. Hold them, throw them, sit on them or kiss them. The options are endless.
  • Use stones of different sizes and colours as place settings, with the names of the guests on them.
  • Instead of the usual floral bouquet in the centre of each table, have a stone display or a miniature Zen garden that comprises soft sand and pebbles.
  • Scatter grey and stone-coloured bean bags around your venue to resemble oversized beach stones on which guests can sit.
  • Send out a small pebble with each wedding invitation and ask your guests to bring it with them to your wedding. Once there, they can toss it into a wishing well and make a wish for themselves or for you, as the bridal couple.

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