One forgets that when a daughter is to be married, it is daddy’s little girl that is tying the knot and being “given over” to another man to be loved and nurtured.

Dad’s often take a backseat and don’t play a major role in the wedding planning process. Their main tasks are generally to wear their best suit or go for the suit hire measurements and be on time to collect the bride and walk her down the aisle. Then, smile and give her away to her future husband. It can be a very emotional day for dads, so capturing those special and “raw” moments of you and your Dad is something that can be treasured forever.

Here are a few tips to making the most of your day with Dad:

  • Discuss before the wedding this with your wedding photographer(s) about capturing moments with your Dad particularly when he sees you beautifully dressed in your wedding gown and when you walk down the aisle.
  • Have something made or even have your own DIY project where you make something for your Dad such as a handkerchief, cufflings or something that relates perfectly with your Dad’s personality.
  • When your Dad walks you down the aisle, do something unexpected that only you and your Dad will know whether it be giving him something just before you walk down or even a squeezing gesture of your hands before you reach the end of the aisle. A beautiful kiss, hug and / or whisper in your Dad’s ear will be something you will remember too!
  • Have fun with your Dad! He’s there for you and it’s that one moment in time where he’s there for something that is really important to you, so have fun with it.

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