Perhaps you’re planning on heading out for a long photo shoot, or maybe most of your guests just don’t like dancing. Whichever way it stands, the fact is: You’re looking for ways to entertain your guests! This might sound like a big feat, but if you’re willing to break the rules a little bit and get quite crazy, the world is your oyster:

  • Set up lawn games like mini golf, naughts and crosses, and ring toss.
  • Set up an interactive drinks booth where guests can get a little creative by mixing their own cocktails or choosing ingredients for their milkshakes.
  • Build your very own outdoor cinema where guests can relax and watch one of your favourite movies.
  • Create a wedding quiz or I Spy with Instagram that sends your guests on a bit of a goose chase.
  • Hire a caricaturist to sketch your guests in a couple of minutes!
  • Go old school with sack races and egg-and-spoon marathons – this is ideal if you’re having children at the wedding.
  • Hire a popular wedding band to provide some live entertainment.
  • Set up a quick dance class so guests can be prepared for the impending dancing.

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