Let me Take a Selfie { Photo List }

By The Celebration Team 12 Jan, 2015

Let me Take a Selfie { Photo List }

The not so humble “selfie” really needs no introduction! With these self-snapped pictures popping up all over the place, there is no doubt that your guests will be snapping selfies even on your big day. While not everyone is in favour of this trend, there is certainly a time and place for it – and the wedding day certainly classifies!

Here are a couple of opportune moments that you should definitely capture with a well-timed selfie:

  • While getting ready with your bridesmaids.
  • With your mom, as she places the veil on your head.
  • In the bridal car on the way to the ceremony.
  • With your dad, right before you walk down the aisle.
  • Just after you’ve said your “I dos”, with family and friends in the background.
  • A “stolen kiss” selfie as you make your way to the reception.
  • With your entire entourage, squeezed into one selfie.
  • Right before you cut the cake.
  • With the MC, right before making your speech.
  • That moment before you throw the bouquet, and you’re backed by all your single female friends.
  • While off on your couples photo shoot, snap a cute “behind the scenes” selfie.

As a bride, the pressure of snapping selfies can distract you from actually experiencing and enjoying your big day. So limit yourself to a handful of choice ones and put the phone away in between! Also bear in mind that not all guests might be comfortable in posing for a selfie, so be careful that you don’t push it too far.

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