Night, Night { Photo Opportunities }

By The Celebration Team 26 Jun, 2015

Night, Night { Photo Opportunities }

Just because your official wedding photo session might be over and done with in the early afternoon, doesn’t mean you can’t sneak out during the reception for a couple of romantic night shots.

Night-time photos have a certain mystery and magic about them and, against the stark blackness of the night sky, true love sparkles brighter than the stars in the sky above you.

Here are a couple of perfectly lit photo opportunities that you can grab a hold of as the night progresses:

  • Light candles and place them on a staircase or along a pathway, and pose in between the spots of light.
  • Hang fairy lights in the trees and pose nearby or stand behind a curtain of fairy lights to catch the enchanting glow.
  • Line up your guests and give them all sparklers to light up while standing around you.
  • Celebrate the start of your new journey by lighting a lantern together while the photographer captures the moment.
  • If it’s a crystal clear night, find a spot next to a lake or pool where the moon reflects perfectly and get a shot in the romantic moonlight.
  • Alternatively float candles in the water and pose nearby so the camera catches the light.

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