Trash the Dress

By The Celebration Team 25 Oct, 2012

Trash the Dress

Have you ever wondered how brides on Pinterest or in world famous photographers' portfolios pull of those fantastic and memorable shots without ruining their dress? Well, the answer is simple: They don't.

Trash the dress is a brand new form of wedding photography where the dress gets entirely, well, trashed. The thought behind this is that you'll only ever really wear the dress once, so instead if leaving it hanging in the back of the closet for eternity, why not go a little crazy and snap some epic shots for the album? Our thoughts exactly.

Now before you start worrying what your gran will say when you rock up at the reception in a torn dress and mud in your hair, it's important to mention that the shoot usually takes place a day or two after the wedding. That means you can still have a fairytale wedding and a more subdued and romantic wedding shoot.

The most important element of a trash the dress shoot is an incredibly sharp-eyed photographer. If he misses the shot of you pouring paint all over your dress, it's pretty much over – like the kiddies would say, there are “no do-overs”. So let's look at some ways in which you can trash your dress and trash it good.

  • Play around in the waves with your new hubby.
  • Go crazy with jars of paint and paint brushes and splatter each other with globs of colour.
  • If you're getting married in the bushveld, run around in the veld and go climb a tree or two.
  • Visit an ice cream parlour and scamper down the road, chasing each other with ice cream cones.
  • Connect with the child inside of you – roll down a meadow and spin yourself dizzy between the daisies!
  • Arrange a photo shoot out in the rain and pull on your gumboots for a little fun in the mud.
  • Go hiking or mountain climbing with your photographer in tow.
  • Saddle up the horses and go horseback riding in the mountains or along the beach.
  • Have a baking session with your hubby. Things could get messy, but that's the point of it all.
  • Draw inspiration from your favourite joined hobby, like cliff diving, sky diving, abseiling or even scuba diving.

In the end you need to ask yourself what's worth more to you: A wedding dress in the closet or wedding memories in the album.

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