The Grooms Speech

By The Celebration Team 20 Sep, 2011

The Grooms Speech

As the groom, your speech has a special place in the heart of your new wife as well as for the guests. In fact, this is generally one of the events most fondly anticipated by wedding guests, who eagerly await hearing some of the fond sentiments and soppy sayings that you have prepared for your soul mate on the day of your official union. This is a very special privilege and, regardless of what a joker you are in ordinary interactions, it is important that you make it meaningful and sincere. That is not to say that humour must be omitted. In fact, sweet, funny comments or light jokes can actually increase the impact of your message, but there needs to be a subtle balance.

Your speech will usually begin by your expressing gratitude to the guests that are there, especially those that have travelled long distances to share in your celebrations. Thank the father of the bride for his speech (which would have preceded yours) and then thank him and her mother for allowing you to take over the responsibility of caring for her. Assure them that you plan to love and cherish her always. Thank your parents for their help and contribution to your wedding day, as well as any other close friends or family members that played a major role in the success of your day (e.g. your best man, the bridesmaids, and Aunty Flo for organising the wedding cake).

After these formalities (which should be expressed sincerely and wholeheartedly), move on to speaking to your new wife and life partner. You may break the ice by telling the guests how you two met and what your first impressions of one another were (if these are not going to offend anyone). Tell them how you knew that she was “the one” and how she makes you feel. Then, direct a part of your speech to her, telling her how breathtakingly beautiful she looks (considering how much effort she put into the day, this is a very important part to include) and how excited you are to be celebrating the first day of your lives together. Be sure to refer to her as your wife, conveying your excitement and positive attitude towards the marriage arrangement.

If there is a particular poem or saying that you know would mean a lot to her, consider reading it. If she is originally from another country, consider learning a phrase in her home language and sharing that with her. This makes for a private moment, despite the audience being there, and will no doubt mean the world to her.

It is imperative that you avoid any bad language or cursing, references to ex boyfriends or –girlfriends and negative connotations about any of her friends or family members. Do not drink too much before your speech and remember that, no matter how tempting, lewd suggestions or jokes are never appropriate at this time.

The keys to giving a successful speech as the groom are:

  • Keep your message sincere
  • Prepare and practice well ahead of time
  • Be yourself

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