Oooh, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! That’s really all we can think of when images of the divine cigarillo cake flood our screens. Cigarillo actually means “mini cigar”, so one might say that these edible cigarillos are in fact chocolate cigars, so to speak.

Cigarillos are available in milk, white and dark chocolate which gives you the freedom to create a variety of mouth-watering patterns. For instance, why not alternate between white and dark, or make each tier of the cake a different chocolate for a delicious ombre effect?

An important tip is to use chocolate ganache and buttercream when icing the cake, as these are the best bonding agents for cigarillo sticks. You also want the rough side of the cigarillo to face inwards. Other icing options like sugar paste won’t bond as well and you’ll end up with cigarillos sliding all over the place. And besides – white chocolate or milk chocolate will only make the cake that much more indulgent and rich!

Once the cigarillos have been lined up around the sides of the cake, use some ribbon to wrap round the finished cake – this will help prevent the cigarillos from moving, especially when the venue gets a little warm. In fact, you can even choose a ribbon that matches your seat ties, bridesmaid dresses or other décor elements.

Finally, cigarillos aren’t just reserved for cake decorating. Take the theme full circle by placing cigarillos on each guest’s plate, using it to decorate other desserts on the dessert table or served (as an edible straw) with hot chocolate in the late hours of the night.


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