wedding jelly bean ideas

They’re colourful, delicious, fun, quirky and everything you could possible wish for in a wedding day treat. Loved by young and old, there’s really no better way to guarantee smiles all around than with tall vases of jelly beans dotting the wedding venue. While a rainbow of magic candy beans certainly tempts the taste buds, the wide variety of available colours allows you to choose the treats according to your theme or colour scheme – e.g. pink and white for a feminine vintage theme. Here are a couple of ideas to plant the creative seed, or rather bean, in your brain:

  • Decorate your wedding cake with jelly bean patterns or go all out and cover the entire wedding cake with the colourful sweet stuff.
  • Packaged in a prescription tablet container, jelly beans are the perfect “cure” for mid-dancing fatigue, so create your own personalised prescription label and “treat” your guests.
  • Spoil guests with mini boxes, jars or bags filled with jelly beans, or create a jelly bean buffet! Simply fill an assortment of large eye-catching vases with the colourful treats, giving guests the option of filling their own gift bags.
  • Scatter jelly beans on the guest tables or, if not for the eating, fill the base of your flower vases with multicoloured marbles to brighten up the tables.
  • If you’re not scared of getting pelted by candy, use a mixture of mini marshmallows and jelly beans as alternative confetti!
  • Alternatively, use jelly beans to “write” each table name or guest name on the table surface, or “write” hubby a little message in the room where he’ll be getting ready.
  • Decorate the venue with giant jelly beans – that’s to say, helium balloons in colours that match that of the beans in the vases.

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