Petal Popsicles { Refreshing + Colourful }

By The Celebration Team 18 Sep, 2015

Petal Popsicles { Refreshing + Colourful }

We love flowers and we love popsicles – but whoever thought you’d be able to combine these two loves and serve it up as one refreshing summer treat? Petal popsicles are as beautiful to behold as they are to devour – and you can even add a dash of alcohol to give it a little kick!

The most important point to remember when making petal pops, is to double-triple check that your chosen flower is in fact edible. More importantly, once you’ve established that the flower is non-toxic, be sure to check which parts of the actual blossom are edible to avoid poisoning your guests and turning the happiest day of your life into a floral nightmare.

Examples of edible flowers include: Tulips, carnations, begonias, chrysanthemums, dandelions, day lilies, hibiscus, honeysuckle, marigolds, peonies and roses.

Other tips for making petal pops include:

  • Ensure that the flowers you source are 100% organic and not exposed to any sort of pesticide.
  • Take extra care in washing the petals before adding them to your popsicle juice mix.
  • Choose petals in a colour to match your wedding colour scheme.
  • Different petals have different tastes, so be sure to sample the petals and then choose your popsicle mix to complement the flavour of the flower.

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