Practical Chocolate { Glasses + Spoons }

By The Celebration Team 05 Aug, 2016

Practical Chocolate { Glasses + Spoons }

Whoever thought chocolate could be described as “practical”? Today we’re looking at the many forms of chocolate, but specifically chocolate spoons and glasses. Intrigued yet?

Chocolate cutlery and glasses have become quite popular among party planners and brides alike. While “delicious” is of course the very first word that springs to mind, you might find yourself wondering how on earth you’re going to make chocolate cups and co. part of your wedding day. Well, we’ve got some ideas!

  • Serve a delicious cream liqueur in chocolate shot glasses as a decadent midnight treat or during pre-drinks.
  • Spoil guests with hot-chocolate-on-a-stick and mini marshmallows as a guest favour, which they can enjoy at home – ideal for a winter wedding!
  • Serve hot cups of milk halfway through the reception, with chocolate spoons so guests can make their own hot chocolate.
  • Forget traditional wedding toasts! Instead of champagne, toast your union with liqueur in a chocolate shot glass instead.
  • Instead of traditional bowls, serve up a bite of your wedding cake or a cheesecake in a chocolate glass instead.
  • Serve your dessert with edible chocolate spoons, so there are no dishes – easy as pie.

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