wedding smores

S’mores are not very well known in South Africa by this name, since they are likely to have originated with the Girl Scouts in the United States of America as far back as the 1920’s. S’mores basically comprise of a marshmallow and a thin block of chocolate between two wafers or biscuits; a marshmallow sandwich, essentially. To get the marshmallow to stick and the chocolate to melt, the marshmallow is traditionally toasted over a campfire first. However, for other purposes, it can simply be microwaved for a few seconds. Once liquid on the inside, and hot enough to melt the chocolate, the marshmallow is squashed between the wafers with the chocolate.

These sweet treats are delicious bite-sized delights for your wedding guests. Make your wedding unique and special by incorporating S’mores (a contractions of “some more” because they’re just so good) into your big day.

Use S’mores for the following:

  • Welcome treats
  • Centrepieces (arranged in a stylish glass container in the centre of each table for guests to pick on, for example)
  • Desserts
  • Side treats with coffee at the reception
  • Guest favours (ready-made or just the ingredients with instructions for guests to make their own at home)

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