The sweetest way to say thank you is with sweets! What’s more, sweet treats are a budget-friendly way to thank your guests – and with the right packaging, you can make even the cheapest sweeties look stylish and elegant.

  • Buy a whole lot of cute mini glass jars, and fill it with sweets. Decorate the lid with a piece of fabric and a bow, or paint the jar with glass glaze.
  • Package the candy in a little gift box, with a little bit of tissue paper inside.
  • Mason jars are always in fashion, and make for stunning packaging for larger treats like fudge and toffees!
  • Buy a whole lot of chocolate bars, and make your own personalised sleeves in which to wrap the chocolate.
  • Make a fabric parcel! Cut squares of fabric, and place the sweets in the middle. Gather the edges and tie it together with a ribbon.
  • Place the candy in a little paper bag, and decorate it with a personalized stamp.
  • If it fits the theme of your wedding, use test tubes as packaging for your candy.
  • Spoil your guests by packing the sweets in a coffee mug, and let them keep the mug.

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