The Moments That Make Weddings So Special

By The Celebration Team 17 Jun, 2010

The Moments That Make Weddings So Special

Weddings seem to be punctuated by a series of the moments that bring a smile and, perhaps, a tear or two to those enjoying the celebration of this union. These are the moments that make the event fun, special and memorable for all involved and are, likely, what gets almost everyone excited when they look in their diaries and see a wedding on the cards for the next weekend.

Some of our favourite moments include:

  • Getting ready – whether we have bought a new dress or are wearing one of our favourite party get-ups, getting ready is always fun and exciting. Wedding make-up, our prettiest heels and perhaps a trip to the hairdresser makes us feel pampered and preened to celebrate the big day of our friend or family member in style.
  • Watching the groom’s face as he first sees the bride – there is no expression that compares to the mixture of love, nerves, pride and excitement on his face when he first catches a glimpse of his stunning bride.
  • The first kiss – the deal is sealed, and we just love to watch that seal.
  • The groom’s speech – men have a reputation for not being able to express themselves properly. So, when the groom is admiring his bride and telling her how excited he is to spend their lives together, it is hugely exciting to be able to witness this sincere honesty and passion.
  • Having a photo with the couple – being in a photograph with the bride and / or groom is very special for those who are close to the individuals getting married. The couple, although busy and distracted, is likely so happy to have you share their wedding day with them and capturing this joy is always fun and memorable.
  • The first dance – there is something so magical about watching two people move their bodies together in a formal dance. Watching the new married couple float across the dance floor to a song that is, no doubt, romantic and meaningful to them just oozes fairytale-ending material.
  • The food being served – guests have usually had to wait some time for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception venue after the ceremony. Then, they listened to speeches and made toasts. They are likely hungry by the time the waitrons are able to serve the starters or open the buffet. Also, free food tends to incite a thrill all of its own.
  • Sneaking out to decorate the getaway car - there are few things more fun than defacing the car that the bride and groom have to leave in. Filling the backseat with shaving cream, the exhaust pipe with wet toilet paper, and the bumper with anything that will make a noise and trail behind the car is really the highlight of some guests’ wedding experiences.

A wedding really is a time of love, romance and rekindling the memories of your own wedding day. These special moments are unique to each couple and are defining points of their day. By taking special notice of these, you are likely to enjoy the occasion even more.