The Perfect First Kiss as Husband and Wife

By The Celebration Team 23 Feb, 2010

The Perfect First Kiss as Husband and Wife

Planning a wedding is both fun and stressful. In trying to ensure that every eventuality is foreseen and catered for, the first kiss is seldom considered very seriously. Many couples assume that it will come naturally on the day, but nerves and a more-than-attentive audience filled with relatives can hamper the natural love and romance of that all important smooch. It is recommended that you get a clear idea of what you and your future spouse look like when you kiss. There is little more disappointing than receiving the professional photographs back, only to discover that one of you puckered too much, hunched over the other, or strained forward excessively.

Of course, filming the kissing practice involves discussing the matter with your partner first. Their feedback and opinion is very important, and should be considered carefully. Photograph and film your different kissing options, and play them back carefully to decide which looks the most appropriate. Ask a good and trusted friend to watch you kiss and give an honest opinion from an objective perspective.Various movies and video clips (on, for example) show couples, both famous and others, kissing on their wedding day. Watching these may give you and your partner some ideas as to what kind of image you do and do not want to portray.

Once you have decided what kind of kiss you want, you and your partner need to practice it. It is a good idea for the bride to practice it wearing something that resembles your veil if there is any chance that the groom will bump it, pull it or hurt himself on it.

While the nature of the first kiss depends entirely on the couple, it is not generally acceptable to French kiss, or kiss using the tongue, in this case. This kiss is meant to represent the commitment and union of the bride and groom to one another, and takes place in a respectable context, sometimes even within a place of worship. It is also being viewed by elderly guests, family members and children, who may be offended by a more progressive display of affection.

According to old superstitions, the wedding kiss allows the soul of the bride to meet and mingle with that of the groom so that, at this moment, they become one flesh. For this reason, if it is not done “correctly” in the opinion of the superstitious, the couple and their marriage do not stand a good chance of success for their future ahead. However, if the kiss is romantic and appropriate to the context, the couple is believed to be guaranteed of a happy life together.

The first kiss is probably more important and significant to the spectators than to the bridal couple themselves. For this reason, it may be necessary to disregard what you would ideally like to do (have a long, wet kiss, for example) and rather accommodate the expectations of the guests. This will ensure that the ceremony is assured of being dignified and suitable for a wide range of guests.

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